PS-5 (Organic Insect Spray)

PS-5 (Organic Insect Spray)
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Symbiot PS-5 is a non-chemical approach for achieving overall plant health by preventing pest and disease problems in crops. Regular application creates a barrier on the plant, and effectively curbs pest populations by several processes including the fermentation of the insects’ stored food.

Since PS-5 is not a pesticide or harmful chemical, the application method is different from agrochemicals. PS-5 should be initiated after seed germination or crop establishment, before the development of any disease or pest. For prevention of pests and diseases spraying at least once a week is recommended.

If disease or pests are a problem, PS-5 should be sprayed 2-3 times a week until the problem disappears. Direct spraying onto harmful insects should reduce populations leading to eventual disappearance. PS-5 works best over time, so regular applications bring about the best results. It should also be noted that PS-5 is best sprayed in the mornings, evenings when stomata are open, or after heavy rains.

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