5 x Rocket Pot 113 Litres

5 x Rocket Pot 113 Litres
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Use the BK6040 Rocket® Pot Air Pruning Containers to produce plants with superior post transplanting growth and less losses. This particular size pot uses 2 x walls, 2 zip sticks and 1 base to make up 1 pot. This bagged kit contains 5 x massive 113 litre container plant pots- great for renters and an ideal way to start your edibles plant collection. Some benefits of Rocket® Pots include:

  • the creation of root systems with much larger volume and surface area allowing for better support for bigger and healthier plants than a standard container.
  • multi-applications - can also be used without the base depending on the growing environment. (E.g to raise the soil level above wet areas while allowing plant roots to grow through to the ground when required). 
  • simple assembling, easily collapsible and flat packed.
  • superior quality with reinforced base- comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Australian made and owned.
  • Approx dimensions (cm): [98 x 40 x 6] & [5 x 60cm round bases]
  • Approx. weight: 10kg
  • Comes with assembling instructions and info sheets.
  • commercial/ retailer enquiries welcome.
  • 5 x Rocket® Pots
  • 45 Litres pot capacity
  • Pot Diameter 60cm
  • Pot Height 40cm
  • Great for fruit trees or when only the biggest will do!

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