20 X Rocket Pot 8 Litres

20 X Rocket Pot 8 Litres
20 X Rocket Pot 8 Litres 20 X Rocket Pot 8 Litres
Product Code: Rocket Pot 8 Litres
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Produce plants with superior post transplanting growth and less losses with Rocket® Pot Air Pruning Containers. The BK2025 bagged kit contains 20 plant containers with each having 3 components for assembling- base, wall and zip stick......

Some benefits of Rocket® Pots include:

  • the creation of root systems with much larger volume and surface area allowing for better support for bigger and healthier plants than a standard container.
  • simple assembling, easily collapsible and flat packed.
  • Australian made and owned.
  • Approx. dimensions (cm): [66 x 25 x 6.6] & [20 round x 20cm bases]
  • Weight: 4kg
  • comes with assembling instructions
  • 20 x BK2025 Rocket® Pots per bagged kit
  • 8 Litres pot capacity each
  • Pot Diameter 20cm
  • Pot Height 25cm
  • Great versatile starter pot from seed to seedling!
  • BK2025 is an entry level size with value; popular with sea of green, Dutch method of growing cut flowers

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