Beneficials & Micro-minerals

Beneficials & Micro-minerals
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The health of our soils has been declining rapidly for a long time due to poor farming practices. Many different poisons and petroleum based fertilisers are used in the modern home garden that destroys the soil biology that is the #1 measure of healthy soils. Produce grown in these soils contribute towards a decline in health of all who consume it. Modern commercially grown produce contains poor nutritional value and low levels of antioxidants that are produced by microorganisms in the soil. This apparent decline in food nutrient content over the past 70 years is serious. (Mayer 1997)

Symbiot’s Beneficial & Micro-minerals is a powerful fermented plant beverage perfect for the home gardener, helping to enhance the nutritional and antioxidant values of your garden produce. A little goes a long way, whether you have a patio garden or a larger than average veggy patch your plants will surely respond with happiness and health! A versatile plant nutrition product you can use in various ways, including either as a drench or spray. Once you start using and loving it you will find it beneficial for other applications around the garden too:

  • Brings life back to sterile potting mix
  • Adds vitality to tired soils and plants“In bio-dynamics we are healers of health – not healers of sickness"–Alex Podolinsky
  • Delicious fermented plant beverage your plants will love!
  • 500ml

Part proceeds of $0.50 per product sold go towards Carbon Neutral tree planting projects within Australia.

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