Symbiot Trio-bac 30g

Symbiot Trio-bac 30g
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Symbiot Trio-bac contains a combination of beneficial microorganisms used for plant health that have also been shown to prevent and control fungus gnats, mosquitoes & black flies naturally.For already infested crops, use control dose as a drench or flood system daily for heavy infestations.

Ensure to drench plant roots and or spray surface of plant media, ensuring to soak the top 3-5cm of plant media where most fungus gnats are actively feeding. Again critical population densities must be maintained on the root surface area to be effective. Use approximately 1 g per 1 Litre every 2-3 days while problem persists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can be used as a spay to control surface feeding larvae, or drench to treat infested roots and plant media. Ensure fungus gnats entering drain holes are also reached.Know the cycle of the fungus gnats: female gnats live for up to 1 week and lay approximately 100-150 eggs that will hatch after only 4 days. One of the ways Symbiot Trio-bac works prevents gnats is to target them at their larval stage. 12 hours to 72 hours after application most larvae will be destroyed though eggs will continue to hatch. Adults will continue to lay eggs, though they will not be able to mature or cause further damage to crop when Trio-bac is maintained at critical population densities. Keeping in mind their life cycle follow up applications will be needed every 2-3 days while problem persists. Remember effective fungus gnat management involves improving drainage and avoiding over-watering.

CAUTION - Do not inhale dust or spray, always use appropriate safety precautions. Advisable to wear respirator mask when handling and applying in closed environment.

STORING the product well, in a cool, dry, dark place will enhance shelf life. Though extended exposure to heat, air, cold will quickly deteriorate product quality. Symbiot recommend customers to use this product within 6 months of opening.Product comes with info sheet and additional reading on fungus gnat management. Contact us if you have any more questions.

Part proceeds of $0.50 per product goes towards Carbon Neutral tree planting projects within Australia.

  • 1 x NET 30g Trio-bacAids in the management of fungus gnats- treat as a spray/ drench to top 3-5cm of plant media where most larvae are actively feeding.
  • Apply on pre-dampened media for best results.
  • Commercial sizes available upon request.

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