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Rhizo-Symbiont contains a select formulation of synergistic plant symbionts or PGPR - Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, including endophytic, rhizospheric and free living soil micro-organisms.

They provide an incredible range of microbial diversity to the plants’ roots and rhizosphere
(region immediately surrounding and influenced by the roots of a plant) resulting in healthier,
vigorous, fast growing plants.

PGPR inhabit the roots and rhizosphere of plants and influence plant health and productivity by a variety of mechanisms that involve solubilisation and acquisition of mineral nutrients, stimulation of root growth and suppression of disease carrying organisms.

They have also been shown to considerably enhance mycorrhizal colonisation.

Endophytic micro-organisms inhabit the interior of plants and are extremely important to host
protection against insect attacks and in the control of plant diseases.

Free-living soil micro-organisms inhabit the rhizosphere of plants though do not require a
host plant for survival. They are involved in atmospheric nitrogen fixation, nutrient cycling
and mineral solubilisation. They also influence the symbioses between plants and micro-organisms, thereby stimulating plant growth indirectly.

Part proceeds of $0.50 per product sold go towards Carbon Neutral tree planting projects within Australia.

PGPR - Microbial Nutrient Additive

Nutrient Enhancer - 2 Litres

  • Assist Nutrient Aquisition
  • Promote Plant Growth & Health
  • Increase Nutrient Efficiency

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