Phyllo-Symbiont Phyllo-Symbiont
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Phyllo-Symbiont is an incredibly diverse microbial leaf inoculant containing phyllospheric and endophytic micro-organisms. They will colonise and restore the age old plant/microbial symbiotic associations on your plants’ phylloplane (leaf surface area), resulting in healthier, vigorous fast growing plants.

These plant symbionts perform an incredibly diverse range of essential jobs for their plant hosts that can benefit plant growth by many different mechanisms that include atmospheric nitrogen fixation, production of plant growth promoting substances and stimulation of plants enhanced innate defensive capacity.

Symbiot’s HOST DEFENCE inoculations also contain numerous pest and disease preventing micro-organisms that perform defence jobs for their hosts that cannot be performed by the plants themselves.

This provides the host plants with an increased protection and ability to adapt to their surrounding environment, enabling constantly changing conditions to continue supporting optimum health and growth, as compared to non-inoculated plants.

Part proceeds of $0.50 per product sold go towards Carbon Neutral tree planting projects within Australia.

PGPM- Microbial Leaf Inoculant

Foliar Spray & Fogger - 500ml

  • Assist Nutrient Acqusition
  • Promote Plant Growth & Health
  • Increase Pest & Disease Resistance

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