Symbiot has evolved into existence in response to the shift in demad for organic and spray free consumable produce. The importance of growers shifting towards the use of environmentally responsible and sustainable food production practices is now undeniable.

Symbiot believes toxic and dangerous substances should definitely not be used on consumable produce. There are now techniques and products that help prevent disease and insect infestation without the use of traditional toxic chemicals. These techniques include the use of predatory insects that will consume target pests and their eggs and larvae. Entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi that can be applied directly to the soil substrate via the nutrients and to the surface of the plant via foliar application. These insect preventing bacteria and fungi will either repel or disrupt the life cycle of undesirable insects, or will consume them after contact occurs, therefore preventing infestations. Beneficial plant symbionts such as trichodermas will also consume and out-compete plant pathogens that cause disease.

Discover the Symbiot plant nutrition alternatives, whether you are a home gardener or commercial grower, Symbiot has a plant growth solution for you.

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