Biological Farming

There are no chemicals needed in nature as plant and animal nutrition, growth and health is taken care of by the synergistic associations between all living and natural non-living things within an ecosystem. The bio-diversity of an ecosystem is the very thing holding it together and ensures our survival so to destroy this is to destroy our future.

Biological inoculants, nutrient enhancers and fertilisers are used to establish natural colonies of nutrient cycling bacteria and fungi to inert or sterilised growing substrates. Once applied to the soil or growing media they will colonise the interior and exterior of plants and their surrounding soil. When established they will begin to cycle nutrients from many different sources such as nitrogen from the atmosphere and phosphates, potassium and trace minerals from organic and inorganic soil and rock particles. They also assist in nutrient efficiency by processing and up taking salt based mineral nutrients and holding them in the root zone.

When managed well, this allows for a reduction of nutrient strength by up to 1/3. They are also capable of self replication. If conditions become unfavourable they will go into dormancy until favourable conditions return. They are natural nutrient cyclers, and in the natural world they will supply all of the nutrients needed for plant growth.

In hydroponic substrates that are by definition inert, a minimum of 5% organics are required to ensure microbes thrive. Symbiot’s liquid and powdered inoculants contain a perfect balance of organics that will ensure microbes will thrive for the life of the growing cycle.

Some of the additional benefits that microbial fertiliser inoculants provide are improved disease and insect resistance. Notably, produce grown with microbial fertilisers are better for you because they contain a higher vitamin and mineral content. They also have better flavour and an extended shelf life. Contact us today to ask us how we can help you incorporate biological/ nature farming techniques within your operation today!