"We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratefulness for the service and knowledge Symbiot have provided us.  Facilitating a primary school garden program to many students 800m from the Indian Ocean presents numerous challenges. Tanc from Symbiot has been very willing to assist in our education. Our success of growing in “The Patch” has much to do with the soil biology and healthy environment for the microbes to live. We continue to learn and value being aligned to Symbiot principles and endeavours. Thankyou" Darren Harvey (North Beach Primary School Volunteer)

Mike from Hydroponic Solutions stated that a customer using Symbiot’s 1-2-3 inoculation program with their regular nutrient regime reported a 10-15% increase in yield. The customer was also previously getting all sorts of root problems and now he has none.

Tony Bower ‘Mulloway Man’ a medical grower from a federally registered company under Australian Law based in Northern NSW rates Symbiot’s inoculants as some of the best products he’s used.  “I am doing a grow now using your products and I am very happy with the way it is going so far”. “It’s something I should have been using a long time ago, over the years I have tried and tested so many products and then being unable to use them because they effect the Medicine at the end”. “It’s good to find something that will only make it better”.  “I tested it on some sick plants, its ability to make them recover was very quick”.