Symbiot is a result of the undeniable shift towards biological crop production. Our vision is to help restore health to our consumable produce, our soils and our waterways by increasing awareness of the importance of restoring and preserving microbial and plant biodiversity, increasing chlorophyll production, carbon sequesration and natural water and nutrient cycling.

Taking this concept literally and in support of www.carbonneutral.com.au, part proceeds of $0.50 per product sold go towards tree planting projects within Australia, at the cost of $3.75 per tree planted- you can rest assured we mean what we say when we say that we are committed to creating a better future. Trees planted are protected via a covenant for 100 years with guidelines in place to safeguard the health and future of these trees.

Symbiot takes corporate responsibility and sustainable development seriously. With this in mind, our range of products help reduce the need for high levels of salt based mineral nutrients and deadly pesticides in crop production. We provide naturally occurring fungi and bacterial inoculations, predatory insects and natural methods that work together to restore health, produce superior produce and prevent costly infestations without leaving chemical residues. (Suitable for organic farming) They will also save you time, money and the environment.

This site is intended as a learning resource for the grower too so you will find invaluable plant cultivation information and updates in the scientific field of biological crop production. Sign up for Symbiot’s newsletter on our main webpage to remain informed about issues that impact your yield and quality of produce.